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“The largest single category of firearms produced in 2018 was in pistols chambered larger than .380ACP to 9mm, with 2,281,450 handguns logged. This is up significantly from 1,756,618 in the same category reported in 2017.” Read More →

08/22/19 - Savage Scope-Rifle Package Guns in 450 Bushmaster

Savage Launches Two New Scoped-Rifle Package Guns Chambered in 450 Bushmaster. Savage is now chambering 450 Bushmaster in the popular 110 Apex Hunter XP and 110 Engage Hunter XP Package Rifles. The cartridge is legal in many previously shotgun slug-only areas and offers improved range, accuracy and power over other straight-walled rifle cartridges and sabots. Shipments of these firearms have been delivered to dealers… Read More →

08/21/19 - North Carolina: Practice Safety and Ethics as Dove Season Opens on Sept. 2

“The 2019-20 season for mourning and white-winged dove is separated into three segments: Sept. 2–Oct. 5, Nov. 16­–30. and Dec. 9–Jan. 31. All hunters must follow applicable licensing requirements and hunting regulations.” Read More →

08/20/19 - Field Tested: Federal Hydra-Shok Deep Personal-Defense Ammunition

Times have changed when it comes to the topic of personal-defense handgun ammunition. It used to be that the only acceptable choices for fight-stopping firepower either started with a “4” or ended in “Magnum”—and sometimes both applied. As well, the adage “they all fall to hardball” used to ring true, and full-metal-jacketed bullets were long considered the most trustworthy fighting projectiles. Like I said, times have changed. In the past few decades, we’ve learned a… Read More →

08/19/19 - NRA Announces All-Star Lineup of Presenters for 2019 Personal Protection Expo

“Elite instructors from across the nation are coming together to offer an unprecedented number of high-quality, limited-access training events.” Read More →