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11/06/19 - HIPERFIRE Releases HIPERTECH White Papers

HIPERFIRE Releases HIPERTECH Bulletin #3. High Performance Technology white papers #1, and #2 explained how HIPERFIRE's trigger technology reduced trigger pull weight without compromising hammer fall power. Those technologies were the Cam-Over Toggle Engine™ and the Radical Sear Mechanics™. White paper #3 in HIPERFIRE's series releases today. It shows in one document the pull weight data that backs up HIPERFIRE's technology claims compared to 25 other popular after-market triggers for the AR10/15. The data shows trigger pull weight as a function of trigger displacement that includes take-up, creep, break, and over-travel. In most cases, manufacturers endeavor to make the trigger pull weight low and the creep small to meet the perceived needs of many different types of shooting, some more successfully than others. The focus of Bulletin #3 is to not only present the weight data but also to define trigger pull terms so that we can speak the same language when comparing trigger performance. We attempt to bring clarity to the diversity of trigger pull implementations. In the end, the trigger weight metric alone does not do justice in explaining what makes an excellent trigger. The Bulletin series continues in another week with the next HIPERTECH that goes beyond the pull weight metric.

HIGH PERFORMANCE FIREARMS LLC (d.b.a. HIPERFIRE) is a Minnesota limited liability company organized in 2011. It designs, manufactures, and sells novel products into the MSR marketplace to satisfy the unmet needs of the more demanding recreational and professional shooters.

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By: Staff - The Shooting Wire