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03/24/20 - NSSF Collecting State-by-State Orders to Inform Firearm Industry

The NSSF® is working hard during this national crisis to make sure that our members are allowed to stay in business, providing safety and security for Americans and crucial products for members of the law enforcement and military communities.

To help make it clearer, NSSF established a special webpage to track governmental orders and how they affect firearm and ammunition manufacturing and retailers. State-by-state listings are available clicking the COVID-19 Information and Resources for FFLslink.

NSSF’s ongoing efforts to keep the industry open includes an effort to inform the Department of Homeland Security on the essential nature of our firearm and ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors and ranges – all of which should be explicitly listed as part of our nation’s Critical Infrastructure.

On the state front, our team is working in each state and many localities to ensure our industry and the critical role it plays is not hampered by well-intended Executive Orders seeking to stem the spread of the virus. Here is a list of the orders we are actively tracking, and what they mean for our members. Please note this is a rapidly changing list, and that many of the orders are subject to interpretation. If you’re not receiving our alerts, please visit this page and opt in.