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RSR Part #: AISAK-140US Manufacturer Part #: AK140US

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Arsenal, Inc., Brake, Fits 762X39, AK74 Style, Black Finish


  • US Made
  • 7.62X39mm
  • Fits 24X1.5mm

Product Description

Introducing the latest high quality AK part manufactured by Arsenal, Inc. The AK-47 type Compensator for 7.62x39 caliber rifles carries the Arsenal Inc. logo and the US marking as a testament to its uncompromising quality. The new compensator combines a slick design with detailed attention to perfect functionality and workmanship. This compensator is made in one piece and incorporates the ever popular cresset design. The one-piece design creates a perfectly symmetric compensator, resulting in an equal amount of excess gas escape and uniform recoil reduction with no negative effect on accuracy. Utilizing precision cutting machines, Arsenal Inc. ensured that the unit is coaxial, with the threads and the two concentric circular openings being centered and perpendicular to the cylindrical body of the compensator. The combination of high grade tool steel and sophisticated heat treating process in vacuum furnaces result in a compensator that maintains its perfectly cylindrical shape, free of any warping, deformation, collapse, or surface contaminants. The consistent and precision cut 24x1.5mm right-hand threads eliminate the wobbly effect common with other units. The compensator remains rock solid even if the incorrectly cut threads on your front sight block do not allow it to screw on flush with the wall of the block.