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RSR Part #: FORTAR-SWITCH-M2-13-ML Manufacturer Part #: AR15-SWITCH-M2-13-ML

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Fortis Manufacturing, Inc., SWITCH MOD2 Rail System, 13.8", MLOK, Black Finish


  • Black finish
  • 13.8" MOD2 M-LOK rail system
  • 1.34" internal diameter
  • Spanner wrench needed to torque barrel nut to spec (not included)

Product Description

The new Switch MOD 2 Series takes the very best from the Switch Series and custom tailors it to fit the needs of their shooters. They eliminated the 12 o'clock picatinny section and replaced it with open vents. This gives a more streamlined appearance to the rail" but more importantly" allows the shooter to utilize the smaller diameter of the rail to manipulate the weapon more effectively. The vents allow better airflow from the barrel and helps eliminate heat buildup and allows the end user to run longer and cooler with this setup. Rest assured" we still left a small section for back up iron sights. They also added M-LOK sections up front that gives you flexibility and freedom to run your light solutions. No more need for purchasing additional off-set light mounts. Mount it directly on the rail and go.